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Daily Photos


Is there a city you love as a second home? That you think about often - even feel homesick for?
That's how I feel about Bangalore. Located in the south Indian state of Karnataka, this booming city has an incredibly vibrant economy yet still maintains many of the traditions of the region. It's an amazing place where every turned corner brings something new - be it construction for a brand new fast train or a lovingly maintained neighborhood shrine. I haven't been back to Bangalore in 4 years, so I keep in touch thanks to Rajesh Dangi's photo blog Bangalore Daily Photo. Walking around the city, camera in hand, Rajesh captures simple moments that the average person might simply miss - but that the homesick traveler will surely love.  

  by rajesh_dangi
Roadside breakfast - idli sambar.
Fish seller sipping chai
100_2923 by rajesh_dangi
Selling pots and pans
Lalbagh Gardens
100_2178 by rajesh_dangi
IMG_0943 by rajesh_dangi
Evening stroll in Lalbagh
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  1. Hey Emily, I’ve been featured on today. I’d love for you to check it out!

    1. so awesome!! good for you stepping out of the box! love that color - and getting to see the lady behind the comments :) thanks for sharing!

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