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Wild Drives

If you, like me, get a little teary every time you see roadkill or wonder just exactly what kind of world we live in when dead bodies litter our routes, you'll appreciate this post. My question has always been, why can't we make roads more friendly to the animals who, unfortunately, happen to live near them? That's exactly the idea behind these amazingly smart (and beautiful!) wildlife bridges built around the world.
Washington, USA
Banff, Canada
Aren't these amazing? I can't tell you how many times I've stopped traffic for turtles, ducklings, and what-have-you (and gotten my fair share of birds in the air for my trouble.) One of the greatest things I've ever seen was a state trooper inching along in the right lane of the highway. When I got closer, I saw that he was escorting a family of geese - two adults and a gaggle of goslings. Whenever I lose faith in mankind, that is a good reminder of how kind people really can be.

All images here, via ASB.

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  1. That last story is sweet, like a real life Make Way for Ducklings. :)


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