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It's Home Now


Hey there! Just sending out an APB to let you know that 1.) Yes, I am alive. 2.) Miraculously, Matt, the cat and I, plus most of our belongings (RIP picture frame and one drinking glass, you will be missed) have all survived the move in relatively good spirits and are now living in a town home that is by all standards livable, and in fact, cute. I'll share some pictures soon, but let me spend a few minutes commemorating this event with my general conclusions about moving:

  • Moving is hard. I had sore muscles every morning when I wake up and every night I hit the pillow like a lead weight. I shed a tear or two leaving my apartment of almost two years in Indy, and another three or four when I found dead bugs and mouse poop in our new place. But in the end, I'm where I'm supposed to be, working on getting settled in and homey, and that's all the more sweet because it was such a damn challenge making it happen.
  • Moving helps you know who your friends are! We had a grand spanking total of 12 people help us over the two days we moved, and even more who offered to help. Our great friends Matt and Katie even drove from Michigan to come and help. So THANK YOU to all the lovely people who picked up a box, a paint brush or the tab on dinner to help us move. We could have done it without you, but it would have really, really sucked.
  • Moving makes you realized what a total pack rat you really are. It's crazy how an object changes when you move it. When you're packing, it's "Of course I need to keep this box of notebooks from college. I'll want to go through this someday!" And when you're unpacking, it's "I never want to look at these notebooks again, where the heck am I going to put these things?" Oh, and this is a gender neutral statement, I'll have you know. Though I have a higher quantity of objects, the man of the house has an equal percentage of totally unnecessary, sentimental belongings.
  • Moving looks easy once you start dealing with all the stuff that comes after.... like new bank accounts and driving licences, redecorating and organizing, and the simple yet monumental shift from living in a house of 1 to a house of 2. Let's just say, if I didn't REALLY like Matt, I'd have a hard time sharing all my space and stuff with him, 24/7. I guess that's why we're getting married, huh? ;)
So, these are just a few of my observations on the process of moving. I'm hoping for a good couple of years before we have to do it again. Fingers crossed!


  1. Ugh, I hate moving. I haven't done it in 8 years but we are planning to move in the next year or so and I am dreading it. BUT, the next house will be it. We don't plan to move again unless A) we have to for my husband's job (unlikely) or B) we decide to downsize after the kids grow up (which is 15-20 years from now). I'm glad you all survived!

  2. Moving is the worst...I'm glad the biggest part of it is over for you. Happy decorating now!!

  3. Glad you got settled in. I miss your smiling face every morning. Looking forward to some pics......... xoxo, Tricia

  4. You are more than welcome... we loved seeing you guys and I was just thinking about your move this morning! :)


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