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Travel Hero
Do you have a travel hero? Someone whose list of passport stamps and adventurous zeal inspires you to do more with your life? 

I have several, but one of them is my dear old Dad. It's his birthday today and I can think of so many things I'm grateful to him for. One of the biggest is the sense of adventure he has that has inspired so many family trips and excursions, so many moments where he pushed me to do something I was afraid to do. As hard as it's always been for him to see his little girl go gallivanting off into the great wide world, he's always pushed me to live out my dreams. If he hadn't supported my idea to study abroad in India - an experience that completely rocked my world - I don't know if I would have even gone. As he gets older - I mean more distinguished - he's become committed to seeing all the places on his extensive (and exotic) bucket list. From his solo Scotland trip last year to plans for Patagonia or Tibet in the fall, this guy's checking boxes and taking names. And that's how I want to live my life - always on the look out for the next great adventure...

Love you, Dad!



  1. Today is my dad's birthday too. :)

    I think you are my travel hero!

    1. Aww, just teared up a little! Thanks Selah!
      Happy Bday to your pops!


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