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Work Wednesdays: Happy AP Day!

How weird is this? Today is Administrative Professionals Day 
(in my head, I'm saying this in a valley-girl accent. Work with me.)
Yes, there is an entire gd HOLIDAY dedicated to people in my illustrious line of work (don't you dare call us secretaries - that's bad form.) 
One day, where e-cards and offers of a free lunch are meant to make up for a  year of ... everything else. Why do we deserve a whole day and no one else?  Oh, honey, let me tell you:

  • WE put up with the greatest quantity of weirdos possible: the criers, the hot-heads, the jumpers, the chatterboxes, and the idiots. They come to us like moths to a flame.
  • WE do so much more than answer the phone and take dictations. Some of us practically run the offices we work for. But regardless, we are often treated as if we have the mental capacity of a well-dressed crustacean.
  • In an emergency, WE know what to do. Forget the big-wigs, we know everything from the emergency routes to the quickest sandwich delivery source and who to ask for anything. It's like a Garmin AND Wikipedia AND Facebook, all Linked-in (hah) to one.
  • WE are the eyes and ears of the institution. Never underestimate the knowledge of an admin. We hear and see and know more than even we want to. Whether we become the mouth of the building is entirely dependent upon our moods and how you treat us. So yes, this holiday may or may not be a cleverly disguised bribe to keep us quiet.
For certain, this was not a holiday I ever expected to celebrate. I think that calls for a drink, don't you? So, a special shout-out to all the overqualified admins just biding their time until they RUN the place. Cheers!

So, tell me, why do you deserve your own holiday? 
Grad Students Day, anyone? I think yes.


  1. I celebrate Mother's Day and Teacher Appreciation Day in May. Being a homeschool mom deserves a double holiday :)

    1. You sure do - whew! That IS a tough job, and a rewarding one, I'm sure :)

    2. Yes, very rewarding. Last night my son, 6-1/2, announced that he is going to read "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" all by himself. It's his favorite book, the first "chapter book" I read to him (when he was 3). He has heard it countless times (either from me or an audiobook) and now he wants to read it! And I taught him to read!

    3. Awesome! You should be very proud :) Definitely deserves a celebration!!


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