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Scotland: Part 1 - Glasgow

My dad is currently somewhere on his way to Scotland (I think he might have backtracked a bit to the Houston airport, but the general momentum is towards the East.) It's been fun playing travel agent for him, because he hasn't had much time to plan --he really needs a vacation! I'll share bit by bit what I have planned for him, and maybe what he actually does, in the coming days.

So, onward to the land of the Scots!

Day One: Glasgow
Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland. Often overlooked for it's more historical brother, Edinburg, Glasgow is a hotbed of museums, shops and modern culture. Speaking of modern, check out the hotel Dad's going to be staying in (I can't take credit for this one, he found it on his own): Citizen M.

The lobby at Citizen M is a collection "contemporary living rooms." I love the styling of the bookshelves.
From here.
And here is the room - small, but so modern and compact. You can even choose the room's color theme and adjust the "ambient lighting."
Guest room, from here.
I love that this hotel is nothing like what I expect when I think Scotland.
Which is this:

From here, via Pinterest.
Doesn't this remind you of Charlotte and Trey's apartment from Sex & the City, with all the ducks?

Anyone out there been to Scotland and have any travel tips for the region? I'm living vicariously through this trip and the internet this week... Cheers!

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