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Seven Super Shots

Hello travellers!
I'm taking part in Hostelbookers Seven Super Shots - a little travel blogger round robin, if you will. See my submission,  below!

A photo that... takes my breath away:

Utah, USA: This was taken near the Four Corners. Amazing, amazing clouds, bright blue skies, and the light was pure and crisp.

A photo that...makes me laugh or smile:

Bangalore, India: A perfect moment caught on film - I was riding a ricksahaw through town when this gent, surprised to see me in all my blonde-haired, blue-eyed glory, snapped a picture of me with his phone. I surprised him by doing the same! 

A photo that...makes me dream:

Near Pohang, South Korea: This was an amazing morning, with the mists rolling over the hills surrounding this temple.  I dream about who might have stood there before me, admiring the view.

A photo that...makes me think:

Bubaneshwar, India: Street dogs (and cows) are all over India and it was incredibly sad and disconcerting, especially in a culture where animals are often highly valued in religion. I carried snacks in my pockets to share with them from time to time, rabies be damned.

A photo that...makes my mouth water:

Bangalore, India: nothing is better than fresh fruit - unless it's artfully displayed fresh fruit on the side of the road in India. The start of mango season is like a holiday! 

A photo that...tells a story:

Wellesley, MA: This is a ground shot from my college visit trek around the Eastern seaboard - the journey that helped me discover Davidson and take the first steps towards my adult life ... in Vans, of course.

A photo that...I'm most proud of (my National Geographic shot):

Varanasi, India: I followed this priest away from the banks of the Ganges in order to snap a pic of him carrying holy water in his shiny tin pail.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures - looking through my albums, I felt a little sad and nostalgic, but also so grateful for all the amazing things I've been able to see.

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  1. Beautiful!

    You went to Davidson? In NC?

  2. Hey Selah, thank so much! Yes, I did - and loved it! Have you been?

  3. I grew up in north Charlotte and Mooresville so I'm familiar with Davidson. I haven't been on campus in years but I remember it as beautiful. I would have loved to go to school there but they don't have a dance major. I went to Winthrop in Rock Hill SC.

  4. Small world! I loved spending time in that area - I can't wait to go back for a visit and some Lancasters bbq!!!

  5. I keep thinking about that second photo. I bet that fellow smiles when he sees the pic of you. It's a great moment captured on film :)

  6. Yay Wellesley! :) I meant to comment on this post a while ago...come visit again!


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