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Ho Hum

I was excited for the Oscars. So excited, in fact, that a sat down, armed with snacks and party favors, a full week early (whoops). But I finally go the date right on Sunday, and cozied up for a night of red carpet revelry with The Boy and our friends, C and A. 

Normally, I die seeing all the red carpet looks, yelling at the fashion criminals and cheering on the loveliest of ladies. But this year, fun as it was, the looks were a little underwhelming. Perhaps that's why it's taken me three days to sit down and write about any of them. So here are a few tidbits from the event.

Kate Winslet wasn't there:
KATE WINSLET photo | Kate Winslet
 from here.
Didn't see this one, did you? And what a shame too. Kate didn't show up to the Oscars this year, so instead she rocked this doozy at the Cesar Awards. She is probably solely responsible for the Oscars being just a small bit dimmer this year.

The Crowning Glory:
GWYNETH PALTROW photo | Gwyneth Paltrow
from here.

Really, Gwyneth was the only one that made me gasp. Fantastic, fanciful....fabulous!

The Double Take:
From here.
Dear Emma Stone,
You are too talented and original to arrive to the Oscars in Nicole Kidman's hand-me-downs. Yes, you are both red-headed, maverick actresses but those similarities should not cross over to actual head-to-to looks. Please study your Hollywood history and do better next time.
PS You looked really pretty though...

The Remains of Kim Jung Il:
The joke's over: Muppets star Jason Segel looks bemused as the Academy team vacuum the carpet
from here.
The funniest part of Sacha Baron Cohen's "look at me I promise I'm still relevant" shtick was this guy's experience of vacuuming fake human remains (it was actually bisquick) off the Oscars red carpet with Jason Segel hamming it up in the background. I hope this earns a spot of honor on his refrigerator.
from here.

I didn't get to watch the awards show but I caught the snippets of Angie's right leg, JLo's nipple, and Billy Crystal falling flat. And if you need an insight into the Best Picture nominees, check out their bitter facebook brawl.

Actually, given all this ridiculous, maybe the dresses aren't that important after all...

PS. I've added some new features to the blog, including a "follow me on pinterest" button and a list of new posts from some of my favorite bloggers. Hope you like the additions!!

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