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The Wall's the Limit

You go, Martha. From here.
As maligned and misunderstood as she is, no one can say Martha doesn't know what's what. I mean, look at that adorable "newly engaged" couple. And then look at those awesome polka dots gracing the walls, sideboards and even the floor of their "engagement party." Not only do they look like a million bucks, they're super easy - metallic contact paper, cut with a circle cutter and stuck to the wall/floor. Bam. 

And look how nice it looks in real life on this office by Joy of Oh Joy!
More dots, from here.
I'm thinking this could be a fun solution for lonely bedroom wall.  One wall as an awesome diptych of prints by my good friend Lauren Cunningham. But the other wall? Nada. And it looks sad. I don't want to paint bc who knows how long I'll be living there (my lease is up in August.) But it would be nice to have a little somethin'-somethin'.

Remember, this is my bedspread.
My bedding :) i love it so much
And these are my nightstands.
would these be good nightstands? so cute

I think  I could go for the rose gold dots, like in the picture or even the silver.Metal FX Brushed Nickel Contact Paper
Maybe even another shape other than circles? Any thoughts?

Definitely not for the bedroom, but how rad is this chevron pattern made from contact paper? Sabbe Interior design has an easy tutorial here.

Groovy, from here.
Or there are some really cute (non-dentist's office-y) wall decals floating around the internet, like these...
Birch Tree Forest vinyl wall decal, removable matte finish graphics art
from here
Wall Decals Baroque Pattern - Vinyl Art Stickers
from here
Suggestions folks? 

And on another note, how come people like Martha Stewart get blasted in the media and almost lose their companies (she's not doing so hot right now) over white collar crime (which was bad) but scumbags like Chris Brown continue to win Grammy's and have women swoon over them (have you seen the Twitter trends - girls saying Chris Brown can beat them???) 
Something's really wrong here. But I guess it's all about image. Happy homemakers committing investor fraud? Doesn't work. Rapper who beats his girlfriend? Fits right in.

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