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I am Resolute!

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It's time, y'all...

It's that time of the year again. Yes, that time when we all make unrealistic claims about our future, crowd the gym parking lots and throw away all the yummy stuff in our cabinets. It's resolution time.

I know resolutions get a bad rap for being vehicles of false optimism, defeat and self-loathing - in that order - but I think it's healthy to take some time, review what you want out of life (like my life list, from this post) and set some achievable steps for the next  year.

Need some inspiration to get started? Here we go:
This article recommends ways to not make your resolutions huge, soul-ripping disappointments by breaking them up into manageable steps and focusing on goals that are, in fact, achievable. Sounds good to me.

If your resolution is to be more global, check out this post on Internationalizing your 2012.
And here are a few (pretty) samples from Pinterest:

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From here.

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From here.

So, here I go. You definitely don't need to read it (it's long!) but I hope the act of my publishing my list of resolutions helps keep me accountable to it.
  • Get Healthy (again)
    • Get back into the gym! I'm trying morning workouts (2 down so far!) and my goal is at least 4 a week.
    • Healthy eating - I know this sounds extreme, but I'm cutting out sugar and dairy. Although I'd be happy to shed some pounds, this is more about knowing that I feel A LOT better, ie. fewer headaches, when I eat really clean.
    • Take my supplements. Bleck.
  • Blog Like a Boss
    • Post every week day.
    • Craft back up posts for sad days when I don't feel inspired to write. Have 2 or 3 on deck at all times.
    • Organize posts by topic on a weekly basis; ie. Mondays for this, and Tuesdays for that.
    • Reach out to other bloggers, post on their blogs and (hopefully) get them to comment on mine!
    • Add more original content and pictures of my own. This probably means I need to find my camera charger..
  • Make a Decision About Grad School
    • Schedule, study for and take the GRE.
    • Research school options (I'm looking into International Affairs or Relations, if you have any suggestions!)
    • Apply (?) and figure out how in the heck this works into my life.
  • Decorate My Nest
    • Finish decorating my bedroom.
      • Find set of matching lamps for nightstands.
      • Repaint dresser.
      • Art for wall.
      • Paint accent wall (?)
    • Dining area - make one (so I can stop eating on the coach).
    • Second Bedroom needs some love.
      • Clean this up so it has some kind of purpose.
      • Invest in an air mattress for guests.
  • Budget Better
    • Set up a monthly savings plan.
    • Try to not dip into savings for monthly expenses.
    • Limit eating out during the week (1 lunch a month, 2 dinners a month?)
  • Be a Better Person, in General
    • Make more visits to grandparents (already on the schedule via my Christmas gifts, see here.)
    • When I'm frustrated or sad, don't take it out on The Boy. Unless it's his fault ;).
    • Be a really excellent cat mom.
      • Play with Opie more after work.
      • Continue our progress walking on the leash (!)
    • Be better about calling long distance friends, and scheduling things with local ones.
  • Do things for me
    • Read more (not magazines, blogs or websites).
    • Listen to some new music, already!
      • Check out CDs at the library - fo free!
    • Plan a great trip. *** This one's my favorite :) 
Alright all, tell me yours!!

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  1. I assume the great trip is to Atlanta?


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