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Hello Kitty

I just got a new kitty a few weeks back and I want to introduce you! His name is Opie, and he is a very handsome young man who for some ridiculous reason found himself in a cage at the Indianapolis Humane Society. Luckily, no one else realized that he was the most-perfect-cat-in-all-the-world and he was still there when The Boy and I arrived looking for a new companion. The minute I opened his cage, Opie trotted right out onto my lap and sat there, happy as a clam. What a cat! Oh, and he has the most adorable little orange mustache.

America's Next Top Model candidates, right. here.
Opie has been with me for about a month now and I've learned that he has some very interesting characteristics:

1. He snuggles. I personally have never had a cat that was so interested in cuddling up with me on the couch or in bed. He doesn't do it enough to make it annoying in that enough-already way but just so I  feel extremely well-liked.

2. He has a delicate digestive system. This is per the Humane Society, who said I must feed him a high fiber kitty diet. All I have personally experienced is that, despite all stereotypes of cats being dainty, feminine creatures, Opie passes gas like a retired line backer scarfing bean-dip at a Super Bowl party. He doesn't do it all the time, thank heaven, but enough that now The Boy and I can feasibly blame any indiscretions on the cat.

3. He never gets mad. Most cats I've known are moody (and my old cat/parent's cat is downright mean to me now that I've moved out). One evening, I got home from work and couldn't find Opie. I looked all over the apartment  and he wasn't in any of his normal spots. Waking into the hall for another go-round, I saw the bathroom door was closed. I pushed the door open - which was harder than normal because  Opie had apparently knocked the bathroom scale down in such a way that it blocked the door and prevented his escape. I have no idea how long he was locked in the bathroom with no food or water (granted, I was only at work for about 8 hours) but when I opened the door, there was no fuss from him, just a kind of "Hey, Mom!" look and a little purr. What a trooper!

4. He loves the great outdoors. The Humane Society made me swear in blood that I wouldn't let him be an outdoor cat (or at least they peer pressured me not too.) But I have been attempting the unthinkable - walking a cat on a leash. I'll provide photo evidence, as no one will believe me, but I think it can be done.

5. He's really my first baby. I've never had a pet on my own before; I've always shared responsibility for our cats with my parents. Opie is all my responsibility. Correction, he is all our responsibility - The Boy and mine, though he's really more of an absentee father. Opie definitely knows who his daddy is though and he likes to say hi to him on the Skype at night. Its pretty cute seeing big dog-lover man going gooey over the new kitty-baby. But pet parenthood is hard. It can get a mite frustrating when the plants are knocked over, there's shredded paper towel everywhere, and he's chewing on my fish oil pills, but whatever. It's still worth it.

Any other extraordinary pets out there? Or cat-walkers? I could use advice!

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