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Life List

It's Friday, and 11/11/11 to boot.
Definitely a day to dream.
Here's a little list of things I want to do, someday.
I'm lucky to have a few marked off already :)
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From here, via Pinterest
Fall madly in Love
Visit all 7 continents and the 7 wonders
Become fluent in another language
Get married and have a family
Have a job that I am actually excited about getting out of bed for
Write a novel
Learn to make my own clothes
Meet Dolly Parton
See Cher, Mariah, Elton, Dolly, Celine in concert (I know, a little dated, but that's what I like)
Attend a red-carpet event
Learn to coupon
Learn to cook many meals passably and a few things gourmet-caliber
Ride the Trans-Siberian Railroad
See a tiger in the wild
Horseback ride in Mongolia and stay in a Yurt
Take a year off and travel
Have a "style" (even on the weekends)
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From Pinterest.
Read Anna Karenina, all the Austen novels, and something by Dickens
Live in another country (for a year or more)
Be an extra in a movie
Learn to cartwheel
Open an antiques store (next to The Boy's bike shop)
Volunteer at an animal rescue facility and be a foster mom for animals
Dye my hair something other than blond (or at least wear a wig)
Go to India
Learn to walk in heels
Get in a fight (maybe with boxing gloves or food)
Save a life
Visit Hogwarts
Buy my mom a vintage Hermes Birkin bag
Take a picture everyday for a year
Travel in an RV cross country
Host a fancy costume party (and have friends that will actually dress-up and come)
Wear pretty matching underwear
Give all handmade gifts for Christmas
Raft through the Grand Canyon
Have a house with my own library (bonus points for a rolling ladder)
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From here, via Pinterest
Record my family's genealogy
Train a cat
Buy something really expensive for myself and not feel guilty about it
Invest in a company I believe in and watch it grow
Start a new tradition
Wear something daring
Collect something over my lifetime and donate it to a museum
Articulate my personal spiritual beliefs
Get a Master's Degree
Commune with nature
Learn to Dance with The Boy
Donate 10% of my income to charity
Get my portrait painted
Change the world.

Here are some other inspiring lists to check out:
Mighty Girl, AB Chao, Sean Ogle

Now, go make your own!

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