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Mark Your Calendars...Now

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 Ok everyone. I'm going to tell you something, even though I may regret it later. Here goes: On the first Saturday of every month, Goodwill offers 50% off everything. That's right, a sale at yours and my favorite smorgasbord of used and unusual things. Just imagine. That lovely vintage skirt that was $3.50 --BAM--$1.75. Or the designer label coat that was $9.00 --SHAZAAM--$4.50. Or the $.99 knickknack that has no use but fills you with inexplicable joy so that you just have to have to have to buy it --KABLAAM-- just $.45.

I tell you this because I am a generous person. But I warn you. Get in my way on first Saturdays and
I. Will. Cut. You. Legit.

So here's a breakdown of my haul from this Saturday.
1. Pair of dueling snowball makers. Watch out, winter.
2. Raincoat. Gap, tan, average. Watch out, fall
3. Bronze Owl. Amazing. Also found out The Boy's school mascots were the Hooters or something ridiculous like that. Oh, California.
sHOOT, I'm cute.
4. What's also ridiculous? This chair. Yeah, it's broken. But I wants it! and it was only five dollars. It fills up a corner for now and may make a very elegant plant stand someday when it grows up.

wouldn't you wants it?
5. We also purchased two large, framed art pieces. One was really just for the frame- so The Boy could finally hang the artwork he loves so much he's been keeping it in a closet rolled up the entire time I've known him. The other was a lovely framed print. I can't share it with you because it is a special, holiday gift for someone who may be reading this Could it be you??

6. I should also include that The Boy was very excited by some grey wool dress pants that "must've cost a hundred dollars!" Yawn.
So, yeah, all this for around 30 buckaroos.
Sharing this better give me good karma points for the next First Saturday, all I'm sayin'.

BTW, shout out to Fab Finds Under $50, another Indy blogger. She finds pretty amazing stuff at goodwill and brags, I mean, blogs about it often. Check her out and share the bloggy love.


  1. Thanks so much for visiting FFUF. I love "meeting" other Indy bloggers. I adore the first Saturday of every month.

    You may already have one but be sure to get a Goodwill Rewards card too. You can get extra discounts (even on 50% off days)!

  2. Thanks for visiting, Kimberly! I will definitely do that, I knew the cards were coming out but haven't gotten it yet :)Happy Goodwill hunting!


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