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Paint Chips Taste Good

Look good, I mean, look good.
Seriously, though folks, I had a great, exciting post planned for today but my damn-ass microsoft computer refuses to let me rotate the pictures so unless you want to see some really exciting stuff upside down, you'll just have to wait for another day.

I did find this on the blogosphere (find is probably unfair. Google Reader fed this to me like a mother bird feeding its young - totally without effort on my part.) But hey, I hear it's good to post links to other people's blog if you want someone other than friends and family you coerce and/or facebook pester to read your stuff.

Anyways, here's the neat-o:
Finished project
Cuteness, from here.
This darn-near adorable art piece is made from, can you guess it? - paint chips!! Seeing this set off a little bell in my head because, ever since I was a wee child that my father dragged to and from hardware stores on a weekly basis, I have loved/collected/hoarded paint chips. Walking into the bright "natural" light of those rainbow displays, the unending boredom of the hardware store fades away and I am left in an enchantment of rainbows and highly calculated color saturation. As a kid, I had cigar boxes full of chips that I did, wait for it, nothing with. And as a semi-adult, I have several lying around the house, waiting to inspire me to paint something (ie doing nothing again).

I also really really like the names of the paint chips. A Tint of Turquoise is my favorite wall color right now, but I'm beginning a relationship with Mossy Green. We'll see how it works out. BTW, how do I get that job, right? Paint Chip Namer? I dig that.

Step 1 step 2
From here
Anyways, Elsie from A Beautiful Mess actually DOES something with her paint chips. Show off. But I do love the idea and may use it for decor or gifts in the future, if I every actually act on my creative impulses.

I am writing a blog, ok? Sheesh.

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