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Kill the Clock

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Clock Tower of Prague from here via Pinterest
Yesterday was categorically one of my least favorite days of the calendar year. The day when I am first fully confronted with the hateful oppression that is....Day.Light.Savings.Time.

I have to say. I don't get it. I really don't. I woke up yesterday morning, and had a panic because the sun was up, the birds were chirping and I felt like I was either waking up to an alternate reality or running about three hours late for work. Neither of which I like, unless the alternate reality involves calorie-free cupcakes, teleportation and Harrison Ford as my next door neighbor.

Then, last night, after finishing my daily grind and finally getting time to devote to my marathon training and charity work, I walked out of the door, it was dark as night and all I had the energy to do was create a high-carb meal (bread bowl with potato soup and crackers anyone?) and invest emotionally in serialized television.

Basically, in addition to making me grumpy, tired and lazy I blame daylight savings time for my winter weight gain, television addiction and lack of marathon preparedness.
Daylight savings time -grrrrr.

But you know what would make me feel better? Could you tell all your friends and favorite people that you like my blog (if you do) and have them follow it (if they do)? I kind of get a thrill everytime my blog view goes above 5.... hearts!

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