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hard work = writing this by hand instead of using a handwriting typeface amirite

January and February are big work months for me - lots of projects, events and demands on my time. Throw into the mix a co-worker on maternity leave and school closures due to bitter weather, and I'm having one heck of an interesting time over here.

I thought I minus-well share work stuff with you all here - if I'm thinking about it, why not write about it? So here are some tidbits that might be interesting to others outside my office:

1.) Excel is saving my life. I've used it before, but never loved it until now. I use it to make task lists - for everything, including what to do every month of the year (my job is pretty cyclical). I learned today that you can freeze frame the top row and first column to make HUGE spreadsheets really readable (did everyone already know this?). And it works really well with data from different apps I use like Surveymonkey and google forms. Excel, you get the slow clap of the week.

2.) I'm all for sustainability, but sometimes I think "green" efforts get out of hand. This week, building services announced they would be taking away all of our office trashcans. We will only have recycle bins in our offices, and if we have a piece of trash we must walk it down the hall to a communal trashcan. People are hot. There's going to be riots, I tell you . . .

3.) I really should update my resume - and Matt needs to write his! So I pinned this list of resume hot words. I like "conceptualized" and "built" - gotta work those in.

4.) Did you know LinkedIn now lets you upload projects? I added some recent graphic design work to my profile, and linked all of my Bly articles, too. Never know what people might look for!

5.) This isn't exactly work-related, but I'm still loving my morning workouts. I'm a little sweaty and and hot when I get to work, but man, am I awake and ready to start the day! I've also been trying (mostly in vain) to get up to 10,000 steps a day on my fitbit, and I've resorted to mind tricks: the hallway from my office to the bathroom, surprisingly, only goes one-way. To get back, I have to go downstairs and take the basement hall. It about doubles my steps for one trip. Sneaky, right?

6.) This dream is back, and worse than ever. Need to relax, much?

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