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I know it's normally kind of a cop-out to talk about the weather. I mean, it's what you do with people when you've run out of common interests or celebrity news to dissect. But as someone said in my office today - this winter is different. It's exciting. And horrifying and beautiful and everything in between.
So, a few things I want to remember about this winter:

  • Snow Days! Except, not - more like EXTREMELY-COLD-DON'T-BREATHE-OUTDOORS Days. They were actually issuing tickets to people out on the roads on 3-4 separate days. 
  • Tacking up the duvet in front of the door to keep out the cold. Watching it billow. #draftyhouse
  • Finally getting my winter dressing down pat : silk underwear, two layers of socks, double scarves, fancy snow boots, and my big puffer coat (hat on, hood up). 
  • Realizing that if I wear the right clothes, I actually don't mind the cold so much. Who'da thought?
  • Snow drifts so high, you can't see cars behind them. Literal mountains of snow in the parking lots. Months without seeing the ground.
  • Cuddling. Oh, the cuddling.    
What I don't want to remember?

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