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Pinning for you

Hey guys, this is a lazy post - but at least I'm posting! A sweet friend told me how much she likes what I pin, which was a surprisingly great compliment! So I thought I'd share some of what I've been pinning lately.

Hanoi Travel Guide - A Pair & A Spare

Geneva of A Pair & A Spare goes to Hanoi

This Hong Kong- based fashion blogger usually posts creative DIYs, but I love her travel posts the most. Her recent weekend trip to Hanoi makes me want to pack NOW.

Better Home and Gardens Expedit Hack
stacked ikea expedits
With the ikat furniture, hints of teal and massive bookcases, I would pretty much just like to live here, please.

Franish - Oxford Under Sweater Trick

Now why didn't I ever think of that?

Stuff We Ate - Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai

We're on a major spaghetti squash bent over at our house. This was a fun switch up from the Italian recipes I normally do with the stuff.

Best Body Fitness - Fully Body Tabata
Tabata Workout

Wanna sweat? OH, child. this will do it. There's a million free tabata timer apps on the iphone, so get it going!

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