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The Best Weekend Ever, Part II or, Wedding: A Recap.

Ohmigosh you guys, I am back.

Despite my daily need to read blogs, I haven't been feeling, lately, the daily need to write one. After the wedding, and before it lets be honest, I just couldn't rally the extra motivation.

But THE HUSBAND ;) has been bugging me because, according to this post, the best weekend of my life was my bachelorette party. And he's pretty sure that after all the work and $$ that went into our grand wedding affair, that weekend should take the cake. When he's right, he's right. So, slip the Chicago girl-love extravaganza into a close 2nd place and I'll share few quick memories about THE BEST WEEKEND EVER.

Photo c/o Zach M!
Like I said, I'm just doing a few short memories, because no one needs a play by play of someone else's wedding. 
  • The epic craziness of having two (extremely loving and beautiful) families running all around Indianapolis in the days before the wedding. Seeing two families collide (sometimes literally) and come out the other end as one.
  • Our State Fair themed rehearsal dinner - could not have been more fun. We dressed like cow-pokes, ate fair food (note: Indiana State fair, why do you not offer elephant ear sundaes on the regular? cos OMG), learned line dancing, and told stories - some funny some sweet, a good mix.
  • After mother-daughter bridal yoga, feeling so calm and relaxed during all the day of preparations. Hair, makeup, snackies - all with your favorite women? Can't complain. And I really didn't feel nervous - just excited and happy. I was expecting I'd be a wreck (I nearly drowned my self at high school graduation) so this was a nice surprise.
  • Speaking of surprises, receiving some lovely ones from the guys in my life. A beautiful blue box from my dad and a sweet card and flowers from the groom. Oh, and I had such fun sneaking around making Matt a surprise for the day of too :).
  • Hiding out at the venue making sure no one saw me. My bridesmaids were like special ops - no one was going in or out of that room without their approval. 
  • Photos - um, so fun. Why am I not a model? Don't answer that.
  • All of a sudden, it's time to walk out and I just can't stop smiling. No tears, just a hug for my dad and locking eyes on Matt. I don't remember seeing much after that - just those blue eyes.
  • The ceremony was perfect. 
  • My matron of honor walking directly into a tent-pole when we were taking pictures. No injuries, lots of laughs.
  • Hearing the 4 best wedding speeches I could have imagined - my dad's, my matrons' and the best man's. Oh, there you are, tears!
  • Greeting everyone after dinner (yes, I ate!) was so fun. Good reminder why we invited all these people after all ;).
  • Dances: 2 goods, 1 bad and ugly. My dad and I were tip top, dancing with the stars quality. Matt and his mom were adorable. Matt and I stunk up the joint, but boy did we have fun.
  • The rest - dancing, hugging, smiling so much I couldn't see straight, shouting out loud to Meatloaf, making s'mores, learning to Douggie, basically just having the most fun ever possible.
So there you go. If you can find the right person, go ahead and marry them because weddings are awesome! No seriously, finding the right person is the prize. The wedding is just icing on the cake that makes you realize just how truly lucky you really are.

Thanks to all the guests and well-wishers. We are blessed beyond words.


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