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I'm loving...

Hey guys. Just a quick post to tell you some things I'm loving.
Seeing the stars first thing in the morning. Here.
Boots: This is the sad, but eventually hopeful story of a girl who could never, ever find the boots of her dreams. Then one year, she hit the DSW jackpot and bought THREE pairs. And her life was changed forever... There's something just so cute about skirts, tights and boots. I'm all over it now. DSW has a great selecting of wide-calf boots, so all ladies should check them out. And is it just me or is wide-calf just another thing invented by retailers to make us feel bad about a perfectly normal part of our bodies?

Lip stain: I wore some to my wedding, and have been wearing it every day since. I like this avon marker and grabbed my wedding stain from Sephora. Lipstick is way too much work, but this is easy peasy and right up my alley.

Manly books: Ok, confession. I used to only really read books that were written by or written about women. Weird, huh? Maybe the influence of a husband has me more open to the male experience, but I've recently loved the male energy in these books:

  • J.K Rowling's mystery about army-vet-turned-detective Cormoran Strike who investigates the death of a supermodel in A Casual Vacancy.
  • The testosterone heavy Game of Thrones, by George R.R. Martin. Not sure why epic fantasy has such a male stereotype, since I've been reading it for years, and a lot of great female authors write it. But Martin definitely ticks all the male-lit favorites, like sex, violence, and off-color humor. Loved the show, DEVOURED the book.
  • Lonesome Dove - the classic Western. It took a while to get into, but I'm really enjoying it now. It feels a little bit like GoT in that there are a lot of characters and we see the story through their eyes - oh, and the book's a brick. Makes me feel super American, too.

AM Workouts: I have these spurts in my exercise regime where I start doing thing that make me thing - huh? this is ME? Sometimes, it's running. Lately, it's been morning workouts. It's so invigorating to work out first thing - and then so relaxing to know all day that I've already done it.  Oh and add to that - weightlifting. Yes, girls, heavy weights rock.

Kitchen tools: Getting married is AWESOME for your kitchen. This week I'm loving our Ninja food processor and Matt's digging our food saver vacuum system. Yeah, we're domestic.

NOT LOVING? Walking down the hall in my office with my skirt stuck in my tights. Kind of detracts from the whole skirt, tights, boot glow.

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