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Brain Dump

Omigoodness, so many things going on lately!!! Want to hear about a few of them?

Of course, everyone is talking about the Supreme Court, marriage equality and what's next for same sex-marriage. Big thoughts before our dear friends' wedding this weekend (Matt and I are ushers!) and ours in September. I liked this historical take on the subject. And Happy Anniversary to my parents, one of the most fun couples of any orientation we know!

Costa Rica is on my brain BIG TIME -first off, because we've finally booked our honeymoon (one place we're going to can only be accessed by white water raft!) and secondly, because my old friend Chelsea just came to visit from there along with her Costa Rican boyfriend, David! We had a great time hearing about their life there and what they recommend we check out :)

I'm trying really hard to start investing in better-for-my-feet shoes after throwing my back out again last week. Has anybody tried Rainbow sandals? All the prepsters had them at Davidson, and I've secretly wanted a pair since... I think the arch support may finally push me over the edge. Any other comfy shoe brands you recommend?

Standing desks: pro or con? I haven't decided yet, but I'm very intrigued by this model that just plops on top of your current desk, that way you can move it and bring your computer back down to seated level whenever you want.

We went to our second art fair of the summer this weekend with my mom and dad, and we're on a real art buying binge. I just love supporting small artists and bringing even more unique art into our home. Shopping on a rainy day helps negotiations too, and you know I can't pass a good bargaining opportunity!

Speaking of this weekend, we were in Wabash, IN, home of the infamous Madoc, the elephant. Don't know the story? It involves a.) an escaped circus elephant, 2.) a 5-day man - er - pachyderm-hunt and c.) a peanut roasting shop. Read the whole story here.

I'm learning so many interesting things in my Sustainable Development class that it's hard to pick one thing to share here. But one thing on my mind particularly has been the global efforts to end extreme poverty - and predictions on how quickly we can do that!

Alright folks, that's all!  What's on your brain today?

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