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Today's Fore(arm)cast

Lot's of updates today, folks. Chief among them the fact that I am typing this entirely one-handed (be impressed) since my right forearm is in a splint from a freak racquetball accident. (Maybe I shouldn't say freak - it is a sport composed primarily of fast-flying balls and swinging rackets. It was the latter that got me, btw). So, today I am:

Hoping . . . that the x-rays come back clear and it's just a bone bruise. Come on, bruise!! Otherwise, benched from the volleyball team . . . again.

Excited . . . to hold this injury over the dear friend who inflicted it on me for life. Pay for fro-yo? I would, but my wrist hurts...

Relieved . . . to be making progress on the wedding. Was feeling ready throw in the towel last week, but with flowers, invitations and honeymoon projects all moving along, I feel better. Next up? Ceremony.

Nervous . . . for the first week of school! My class in Sustainable Development started Monday, and while i'm so pumped (seriously) to be back in academics (#teacherspet4life), I've got the start of school nerves compounded by the fact that the online format is a bit disorienting. Why are there 5 different places to post my riveting thoughts on this week's material?

Honored . . . to have been part of my best friend's wedding two weekends back. Definitely one of the most special experiences for me and I am so, so happy for her! Plus, the wedding was a total BLAST and makes me want to get married rightnow.

Satisfied . . . after eating a Klondike bar at the company picnic today. Yes, I'm still working on the weight loss (5% body fat down, 5 to go), but today I wanted ice cream and that's ok.

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