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TV Binge: Orphan Black

Do you ever binge out on TV shows? I used to do this more when I had Netflix, but recently fell back down the rabbit whole over this long weekend. The cause? Orphan Black.

Every now and again I love a good sci-fi show. I've had romances with Heroes and Firefly but my first foray into the genre was my much-loved Dark Angel. Hello Jessica Alba before she got famous!

Orphan Black actually reminds me quite a bit of Dark Angel. Stormy female heroine. Human genetic experimentation. Tails. But I'm not sure the 27-year-old me would like Dark Angel quite as much as the 15-year-old me did. Regardless, the current me is currently obsessed with Orphan Black - the story of punk rocker Sarah who finds there are multiple versions of herself - identical clones - living absolutely different but interconnected lives. As Sarah tries to piece together the puzzle of her and her clones, it's amazing to watch actress Tatiana Maslany transform into different characters - 6, so far, in total.

It's on On-Demand if you're a grown up with cable (ahem) but I'm sure you pirates could track it down online as well. Do it quick - the season finale airs Saturday on BBC America! 

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