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Each Moment

Sometimes, the right words come to you at the right time - you know?

My dad has been pirating his Daily Zen calendar out to few people - forwarding his online version to us every few days in order to provide a teeny dose of meditative calm during the week. Today's was pretty much a miracle and one of those quotes I would tattoo on my freakin' body if I ever thought I could do that :) Wanna hear it?

Background image from here, design by me
After you regain your breath after reading that, you may wonder-  as I did -who Mark Strand is. He's not a Confucian scholar or zen guru. He's a poet (dontcha know it?) and he actually still teaches at Columbia! So wisdom isn't just for the ancients, folks. We are all capable of making quotes worth of body inking.

Anyways, I just loved the idea that adventure and learning and spontaneity can occur in each moment, because each moment is a new, fresh and interesting place to be. Doesn't that just make the possibilities for every day seem endless?

Speaking of poetry:

1. I'm excited to see my friend, K, this weekend and see her poetry reading. psst - all her poems are about me.

2. Apparently I spouted some poetry of my own this weekend when I got drizzunk at my bff's bachelorette party. Such words of beauty that 2 -count 'em- 2 people took out their iphones to take notes. I think Mark Strand and I should get together...

1 comment:

  1. hahaha you are hilarious and I think next time we get together someone will have to stay sober enough to take notes of the things we come up with.
    I love this quote too and I do think it's important to keep in mind, tattoo or not. :)


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