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Today, I am

Hey all! Happy Monday.
Today, I'm:

Grateful for: my lovely bridesmaids. For visiting me in South Bend, for organizing my bachelorette party (with basically no help from me, I'm hopeless!), and committing to traveling all over the country to share in these special moments with me. Ladies, you rock!

Proud of: myself - for getting started on 2 big projects last night! Spray painted my trash-find bistro set for the patio and recovered 2 of 4 seats on our trash-find dining room chairs. Yay for diy and my compliant fiance! Now on to the taxes and my grad school application . . .

Struggling with: committing to the dresses for those lovely bridesmaids! This shouldn't be so hard!! Oh, and keeping up with my ever-lengthening to do list. Sigh. Thank God I found out about gmail tasks.

Excited about: yogurt making! No, that's not some weird euphemism. Everyone in my department is making their own yogurt at home - and it's surprisingly easy! Of course, the results are great too - cheap, creamy yogurt! I'll post all the details one of these days for anyone who'd like to play along.

Loving: Vietnamese food! Matt and I went for Pho Friday night and holy moly!! What have we been waiting for? He had a bowl of the house special Pho (all the tripe you want, no added charge!) and I had a Vietnamese crepe (think a mix of a dhosa, a french crepe and a coconut - yum!). It was such a sweet place - the owner sent us home with a box full of thai basil.  'benders, check out Bowl of Pho.

Cooking: speaking of food, it's been fun trying new recipes that fit with our healthy eating plan, like sweet potato hashbrowns, buffalo chicken salad, and Thai turkey meatballs.

Glad for: so, so glad for the sunshine. I forget how much I need it and then begrudgingly realize each spring that life is not the same without it.

Hope you all have a fabulous week!!


  1. Aww, thank you for the shout out dear. I just checked out the buffalo chicken salad and that's going to have to happen as well! Matt and I have never tried Pho, maybe when we come to see you, we'll have to check this place out, it sounds yummy! :)

  2. I love being a part of your bridesmaids team! It was awesome seeing you this weekend!!!

  3. Honored to be a bridesmaid for such a lovely bride!


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