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Happy (belated) AP Day!

Did you know yesterday was a very important holiday?
<you're racking your brain - mother's day? father's day? grandparent's day?>
No, a day much with much more importance; one where you recognize the people who really got you where you are today -- that's right, administrative professionals day.

Ok, ok. We all know this is a fake holiday made up by Hallmark and mean bosses who think a card can make up for a year of bad treatment. Regardless, as someone who works in administration (don't we all nowadays? like, really, who DOESN'T this cover?), I must admit I enjoy this holiday. I received no fewer than 3 flower arrangements, 2 cards and one scented room spray - was that a hint? Consequently, today my office looks like a hospital room or a funeral parlor, though it smells like "Jasmine".

While I'm not sure exactly what qualifies me as an administrative professional -  I work on a computer? I answer the phone when it rings? I help people who make more money than I do? - I really did enjoy being recognized for my work. The kind words from the people I work with on a daily basis was really heartwarming. Especially during a week when a) my brain is spinning with tasks to do (registration season) and b) a family member questioned whether I needed to use my mind at all at work. Gee, thanks.

So, remember folks. Administrative professionals are all around you. Treat them well and you will be rewarded. Treat them badly, and no can save you.


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