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Much Ado...

OMG, I am so excited for this movie:

Can we all just agree that Much Ado About Nothing is the best Shakespeare play? And, um, excuse me, is that Nathan Fillion as Dogberry? Because I'm all about that. Joss Whedon, director of The Avengers, is turning type for this black and white flick, shot in just under 2 weeks at his California home.

Big question? Will it be better than this version?

Oh yes, Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh. Hard act to follow.
But then again, it had him in it:

So.... room for improvement.

Second big question - can I name my daughter Hero? Awesome name.


  1. Look at those luscious locks on Kenneth! Yummo. ;D

  2. It's hard to imagine anyone being better than Emma & Kenneth but I can definitely see Nathan Fillion being a brilliant Dogberry! And I am positive that Sean Maher will be a better Don John than Keanu. Also, this picture makes me happy:


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