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Did you vote today? I did, though I didn't get a sticker - what's up with that? Don't be a punk and not vote, friends, that's totally lame. Mostly because then you are absolutely NOT allowed to complain for the next 4 years- and what fun would that be?

today's the day!
In all seriousness, people all over the world, and particularly women, have made so many sacrifices and taken so many risks for the privilege to vote - something we take for granted. The system may be flawed, the candidates may be disappointing, but that does not take away the inherent importance of the act of making your voice heard in the political process.

So stop trolling the internet and go vote!


  1. ohh Jane Russell (I believe that's who that is!) :) Such a classic beauty. And such a positive message too! :)

    But I completely agree! Go vote! Matt and I went at about 9 this morning and I was #59... thankfully there wasn't much of a wait and even more thankfully there were many more people in line after we finished!

    1. awesome! it feels good to get it out of the way in the am. now we can all be glad (win or lose) that the darn election is over!

  2. Love the picture you used! I voted this morning and almost didn't get a sticker either because they just had a roll of them sitting on a random table. When I got home my daughter started crying because she wanted to vote too (really she just wanted a sticker). When I asked who she would vote for she said a stuffed pig(?).

    1. how funny. maybe all the world's problems could just be solved by stickers...


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