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Candy Candy Candy
Anyone who thinks sugar is not an addictive substance .... needs to look around them on the days after Halloween. See those hallowed out eyes and shaky hands? Uh, huh, just like crack, y'all.

I gave myself a buy on my normal no candy rule for Halloween...and the day after. Then today, I woke up with good intentions to stop. Get rid of what's left in the house and ignore the stash at work. Status as of 10:50am? Failed. I started craving candy. Wanting it, NEEDING it. I caved in and ate a Twix. It was blissful, unlike the shame that quickly followed. Now, what I want is to throw away every piece of candy I see and then dump motor oil over it so I can't even pick it out of the trash (remember that SATC episode with Miranda and the cake?)

Basically, what I've come to learn about myself is that if I have a little ... I'm gonna want a little more. I'm like a mouse with cookie, but instead of milk I'll just have another cookie, thank you. It's a lot easier for me to just not eat ANY than to eat a very little amount. The Happiness Project blog talks about people as falling into two camps when it comes to eating - Abstainers and Moderators. Moderators are your "classic" healthy eaters - they have the willpower to limit themselves to appropriate portions of unhealthy foods. I know a few of these people, and resent them infinitely. The rest of us fall into the camp of Abstainers - it's easier to just not order dessert than to eat only a few bites and push the plate away. I'm waaaay more successful at this type of diet - I've cut out all sugar before, as well as dairy and yeast. Sure, you break down and change the rules sometimes, but overall these habits have helped me limit my body's cravings for things I shouldn't be eating anyways. So, this weekend I'm clearing out the candy (except for my 72% dark chocolate - that is my daily indulgence and it will never go away) and trying to get back on track with my good habits .... at least until the holiday season comes along and blows that all to hell.


  1. I'm with you! I miss Friday qigong w/ you...I never go now. Apparently Adrienne knows who was the glue of THAT relationship.

    1. Oh no! I was just bragging to my new co-workers how we used to do cool stuff like qiqong - DANA! hahaha


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