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Venice Underwater

Have you guys ever been to Venice? It's probably one of my favorite cities IN THE WORLD. It's incredibly beautiful and romantic -made even more so by the fact that it is, quite literally, sinking; disappering slowly, day by day. While part of me hates to even dream of a world where Venice no longer exists - or does so only in a mythical way as a modern-day Atlantis under the water, part of me believes this ephemeral quality makes the city all the more precious. I love the twisted, single-lane corridors, the majestic, swaying town-homes, and the sweet-stink of the canal water.

All that said, this is the most disgusting thing I've seen in a while: 

Venice, hit by an overwhelming amount of rain, is even more underwater than usual. And some brave (STUPID) visitors have taken the opportunity to swim in an unlikely place: the Piazzo San Marco - also known as the dirtiest, grimiest, most pigeon-ridden place in Venice (and likely Europe). A bajillion dirty tourists compete with a bajillion filthy pigeons to make this one of the worst places imaginable to take swim. Enjoy histoplasmosis, friends.

* All photos via The Atlantic, here.


  1. BLARGH that is GROSS. At first, I'll admit I was like... what is gross about them swimming? But then it hit me like a brick wall. That is gross!!

  2. That is crazy!! The pictures look pretty cool...but I don't think the germs are worth it. : )


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