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Single Girl

alone time

Do you have single-girl/boy behavior?
Matt's been away all week and I definitely displayed mine:

Piles of (bridal) magazines read while eating microwave dinners on the couch? Check!
Fizzy BRAVO tv enjoyed ? Check!
Inordinate time spent in pajamas? Check!
Calling parents because of scary noises outside?...and...Check!

I even busted out my crafting skills, at the suggestion of my brilliant mother. I spent a delicious hour or two in Hobby Lobby and made something I saw on Pinterest - how girl-time is that?!

But truth be told, I'm ready for single-girl time to end and Matt to come home. Dinner tastes better at the table, bridal magazines kinda stress me out, and he's way funnier than any Bravo home-decorator (oh, Martyn!). So does absence really make the heart grow fonder, or what?

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