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This Bonnie's Clyde...

Not sure if that's a history reference or a Beyonce reference? Don't worry, neither am I. But what I do know is that the point of all this is to celebrate my partner in crime, Matt, on his 25th BIRTHDAY!

Living with him for the past 3 months, I've gotten to know SO much more about him. And the good news? I still like him -a lot. Enough to embark on the craziness of planning a wedding with him ... oh, and to share the rest of my life with him, too.

So, in honor of this special day, I'm gonna shout to the hills a few (internet friendly) things I love about this man:
  • He does laundry like a pro. I was worried, moving in, that I'd turn into the little woman. But Matt shares the load (when he's not taking on more than his fair share). Cannot complain.
  • He's incredibly hard working, which is such a great quality. But even better is his ability to put work aside and focus on the really important things (like me!) He has so much to juggle, but he does it really well and I appreciate it so much.
  • He makes me laugh ... mostly with this face:
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  • He comes with baggage - but the good kind. Matt's had a lot of interesting life experiences, he knows a ton about so many things I've never heard off, and he has pretty good taste in Zombie entertainment. Plus, he brings an awesome family and some super cool friends to the mix, so I pretty much hit the jackpot with him.
  • He loves me real good - and even loves the crazy. That's hard to find.
  • Oh, and he's pretty darn cute, too ;)
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Love you babe! And happy birthday!!

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  1. Happy birthday, Mr. M! So glad love is in your life.


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