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Photo (da) Bomb

Guys, Matt and I are getting our engagement photos taken today. It feels kind of like school picture day, but instead of the results being immortalized for over on little-used grade school yearbooks, they will LIVE FOREVER on mantels and walls all over the United States. Well, at least in 4 or 5 houses in the United States. Anyways, I want them to be good - but I've done pretty much nothing in preparation, other than washing my face twice last night (just to be safe).

I'm hoping they look like this:
by our photographer, Furore Photography
this would work too...

But I'm worried they'll look more like this:

Just search "Awkward engagement photos" -- it's a good (terrifying) time...

I realize this is a wedding photo, but I believe it deserves a spot in this photo reel, if not ALL photo reels.

Wish us luck!

PS Speaking of awk photos have you seen this Halloween costume? GENIUS.


  1. OMG... this post made me laugh out loud. Love it!

    I am so excited to see your engagement photos, I am sure they will turn out great. Sorry we can't get together next weekend, I am super sad about it but we will see you guys soon I am sure.

    Hey, I have a blog now! It's no where near as awesome as yours but I'm working on it! :)

    1. oh my gosh! I'm so excited!!! is this the "good" thing you wanted to tell me about?!? let's talk soon...

  2. You could always dress exactly alike in a white button down and jeans, go to davidson and take pictures of you on his back. Its what every Davidson Grad in Charlotte does.

    1. Haha, Robert! I love it. But I think he should wear seersucker instead - can he borrow some of yours? xo, miss you face, kid.


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