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The Heart

Libertine's menu features bites like chicken paté and waffles.
Libertine, here
Did you see this recent BBC article marking Indianapolis (ahem... my hometown) as a culinary destination - or to be more specific "the culinary heart of America's heartland"?
Um, wow! 
This is the BBC - you know, read worldwide, covering news and culture from every last corner of the globe. And who do they select as a top dining destination? INDIANAPOLIS. Awesome.

The scary thing is I haven't even been to some of the restaurants they list:
Black Market

I need to get on that fast ... but, oh wait. I don't live there anymore :(
And this is when I get homesick.... and while I'm at it I miss:
Dinners with Mom and Dad
Fall bike rides along the canal (counting turtles)
My local Goodwill
My lunch buddy
Knowing street names
Chats (in person) with my girls
and Cafe Patachou

Oh well, life is a trade-off because up here I'm loving:
Fall hikes (we saw a bald eagle this weekend!)
New decorating projects
Cuddles whenever I want
Learning to cook for 2
Getting everywhere in about 15 minutes
Exploring Notre Dame
Starting our own traditions

What are you loving or missing lately?

1 comment:

  1. Loving:

    1) Pulling out cold weather clothing (boots!) & recipes

    2) "Kes", Robin McKinley's blog serial fiction:

    3) Watching my little boy's love of reading grow. He's currently halfway through this classic:


    My little sister, Emily, who has lived in another state (and sometimes country) for the past decade. :(


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