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Pet Peeve: Hipster Kids

You wanna know my latest pet peeve? Hipster babies, or rather, parents who insist on dressing up their sweet bundles of joy in the hipster-est clothes they can find. 

adorable lil hipster

This is Alexander Wang's niece, who he dressed for his fashion week shows.

Photographer, Renee Carpio.
Love keep. They make sustainable unisex shoes that are aesthetically pleasing and comfy! I make the drive to Fairfax, CA whenever I’m in need of a new pair of Shaheen’s or Nuss’. The people there are always super nice and amazing. 
This kid is too legit for his own good. 

A child model for the shoe line, keep (here)

mason dissick, too cute.
Mason Kardashian Dissick (here)

I guess I just think fondly back to my days of wearing cat-printed leggings and crazy sweaters with pom poms and googly eyes and whatever else was just fun. I don't know how much thought my mom put into my clothes, but I'm sure she focused more on what was easy to wash, comfortable, and cute than what was chic. 
Kids don't need to be chic. 
Childhood is one of the few times in life where you can be blissfully unaware of what's cool and simply enjoy your body and your clothes for what they are - a means to help you  run and play and go through the world without people thinking your parents are total hillbillies. 
Once you hit puberty, you're basically locked into the vortex of fashion and societal norms and all that junk until you hit seventy and that child-like freedom returns where you feel absolutely no qualms about wearing every piece of jewelry in your collection at once or your knee high socks accompanied by your favorite shorts and sandals, 'cause who's gonna say anything? 
Iris Apfel
The indescribable Iris Apfel, here.
So you better believe my kids are going to dress like kids - complete with crazy colors, their favorite disney characters and hopefully lots of grass stains. 
And when I'm an old lady, whooweee, look out Iris Apfel ... I'm next!


  1. Too cute and well put! It's easy to get sucked into the "making your kid look cute". However I remember the day when I looked over at my toddler who was attempting to learn to walk and he had a HUGE muffin top from being squeezed into fancy pants - I said enough is enough. How do you learn about movement while confined to tight clothing. I pretty much stick to elastic pants and hand me downs now (my kids that is - I think). My kids may not be the most well dressed but they sure do rock their cozy clothes. Ha!

    1. That's exactly how it should be, Jess! No muffin top for the little ones - plenty of time for that later! ;)


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