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Wardrobe Refresh

I have a confession to make. Today was one of those days where getting dressed takes multiple tries and results in half the contents of your closet ending up on the floor. We all have those days. But even worse was the fact that half of this mass of clothing dismissal was caused by broken zippers, holes, and worn out clothing. I must admit it, friends, my wardrobe is getting just a little bit shabby.
What my wardrobe feels like. here
I think I've fallen into a bit of a rut and I contribute this mainly to my budget-friendly, thrifty-store-loving shopping style. I tend to buy things because they are such a great deal and go to places (goodwill, salvation army, target, etc.) that mainly stick to my I -won't-pay-anything-over-$20-for-a-damn-shirt rule. In short, my clothes are half-way worn when I buy them.

This post by Sherry from Young House Love really made me think. She says she's able to convince herself not to buy something just because it's a good deal by thinking about the average awesomeness of her closet. If you only by things you absolutely love, your closet average is a 10. If you start buying things that are meh - maybe just an 8 on your scale - your closet average goes down. The goal is to be able to close your eyes, stick your hand in your closet and pull out something you love every time. And right now, I can't do that. There's too much meh in the way.

So this weekend's goal: clear out the meh, get it out of the way, and start shopping for some 10's. I want to love getting dressed again and not feel like I can't spend some money to look the way I want to. 

P.S.: I'll be taking style inspiration from these ladies:
stripes on stripes
Stripey lady - perfect sassy work look. here
Kendi knows how to do easy chic.

Gwyneth, obv. Gotta love those pants! here

Oh, and my stylish friend Mer who I want to publicly peer-pressure into having a style blog.

Wish me good shopping karma, friends!


  1. I'm so guilty of buying things because they're a good deal (even though I don't love them). I've really been trying lately to keep my purchases to things I love that are also a good deal (or at least a fair price).

    One of my fave wardrobe blogs is Putting Me Together:

    Audrey has great tips on how to shop for things you'll love and how to wear what you have in different ways.

  2. I miss you so much it's stupid. Happy shopping.

    1. I miss you like crazy! I need lunch, I need chatting, I need updates on your life! Let's make it happen soon :)

  3. That is a good idea! I have a lot of meh in my closet too. And Mer should have a style blog!!

    1. I got rid of two huge bags last weekend. It was very comforting.
      yay more peer pressure on Mer!

  4. Wow!I'm honored to have gotten blog recognition! I do think it would be fun to have a style and baking blog. But who would take pictures of me in the morning before work? Not Matt, since he's asleep.


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