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Throw a Wrench In

So, this weekend wasn't quite what I expected. I had an excursion planned from this post - my plan was to take The Boy on a much-needed mini-escape to Three Rivers, MI. Billed as a quaint town with interesting shops and attractions, the town seemed like the perfect place to spend a Saturday. So, after sleeping-in and grabbing a delicious Cracker Barrel breakfast (do you eat there too? We're always the youngest couple there, but I. Don't. Care. It's SO good.) we headed north, 'cross the border to the Great Lake state. 

We love a road trip - listening to music, squealing and pointing out cute houses (me), and putting petal to the medal on two-lane country roads (him). So the drive up was great, and then we got to Three Rivers and....

ghost town
Ghost town
Yeah, it was a bit dead. Appropriately, we took a tour of the old, old cemetery (I like old tombstones and how blissfully quite a cemetery is, even in the heart of town.) Then we headed over to main street, which promised to be hotbed of independent shops and cafes. There were about 4 cute shops, one really cute cafe/bookstore, and the Riviera theatre, which would have been cool to see a show in, if we'd been there in the evening. We also stopped by the bodyguard academy, where The Boy got a quick training...

The cat is working out, too.
All in all, we hit pretty much every single shop with an "Open" sign, plus the town petting zoo...

 then checked our watches and said, uh, now what? "Well, I could go home," said the Boy, "There's always Sherlock to watch." And you know what, that sounded just find to me. 

It's fun to make plans, but whenever you do, there's about a 100% chance that someone will throw a monkey-wrench in them. I'm not always good at dealing with that - I can imagine a time when I would have been down right mad that Three Rivers was a bust of my idyllic-small-town-day-trip-dream. But what the hell, we been there, done that. On to the next thing. Even if that is an afternoon  watching Sherlock, eating hot wings and shopping at the Gap. 
That was a popular choice.
Life. IS. Good. 

How was your weekend, folks? Any monkey wrenches?


  1. Aww, I'm sorry your weekend didn't turn out exactly as you hoped but it sounds like you had fun anyway. Any weekend that includes Sherlock sounds like fun to me!
    My weekend was nice. The only wrench was rain on Saturday, but I benefited. My husband decided that since he couldn't do yard work he'd get up with the kids for cartoons and let me sleep in. He's a keeper!
    We played Lego Robo Champ for Family Game Night on Saturday, watched Monster's Inc. for Family Movie Night on Sunday, and went to Olive Garden for lunch after church. All in all, it was fun.

  2. ooh, sounds fun, Selah! What a sweet hubby :)


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