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Spring Escapes

Winter always makes me feel like snuggling inside, wrapped in (layers upon layers) of blankets, avoiding the elements at all costs. Spring, on the other hand, just begs me to fling off the covers and explore. Here's a list of some top weekend excursions I hope make it onto the calendar this Spring.

beautiful shot of Chicago in the spring
So beautiful in the spring. And Breaking News:
 Special Genghis Khan  exhibit at the Field Museum. 
Oooh, tough guy. here.
You know, from here, that I have a soft spot for GK and his ruthless, yet brilliant, empire-building ways. It's a pretty quick trip from South Bend, and if we can coincide a trip to the museum with one of the city's many many outdoor festivals, and a visit to Ikea, we've got a weekend trip, folks!

Columbus, IN:
from here
Southern Indiana is a bit slooower and calmer than up here in the big city, so it's not a place you'd expect for a hotbed of modern architecture. But that's where Columbus blows you away. With a variety of mid-century modern builidings, by architects such as I.M Pei, who were commissed by the city's industrialist leaders to transform the small town into a global destination, Columbus is worth much more than a second glance. The Boy and I have already made a trip or two, but we want to go back for a reservation-only visit to the Miller House and Gardens. Ranked "America's most significant modernist house" by Travel + Leisure, this is a must-see for architecture lovers ... and anyone needing a more intellectual excuse to drive past the Edinburg Outlet mall.

Three Rivers, MI:

Sometimes, it's fun to go back in time to small town America for the day. I'm thinking a day-trip to Three Rivers may just do the trick for me. The historic downtown is full of interesting shops and independent restaurants (the only chain  is a Sherwin Williams - and who doesn't like paint stores?) There's even an original 1969 diner called Goldie's - apparently they do old school ice cream sodas and malts - hold the phone! The town is surrounded, not surprisingly, by three rivers where visitors can kayak and canoe. Another impressive feature is a large scale petting zoo - when was the last time you visited one of those? But the piece de resistance is the Riviera Theatre, above. Dated to 1925, this is one of the oldest operating theaters in the Midwest. This weekend, they're hosting the Rivers of Justice Film Festival featuring films with social justice themes. I see a weekend trip in our very near future....

Where are you going this Spring? 


  1. We are headed to Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg TN in May. We plan to visit:

    Knoxville Zoo

    Great Smoky Mountain National Park

    Titanic Museum

    Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies

    Weekend trips are hard with little kids but we do like to take day trips. Our most recent was to historic Brattonsville in SC . We went for Living History Saturday (they do it every weekend with different costumed interpreters) and it was awesome! One half of the property is Revolutionary War era (a battle was even fought there) and the other half is Civil War era. My favorite part was when my 6 year old asked a costumed African American if he was a slave. I know that sounds terrible but my son was very obviously concerned and worried for the man's well being. It was cute.

  2. ummm wanna do chicago and columbus too! chicago is our fave city. columbus was so much fun for girls weekend and so wanna take josh and do all the tours and make marshmallows.

  3. Selah - great plans! I love the South for all it's great historical sights - and how wonderful your son is learning so much!I love the Ripley's museum in Gatlinburg -- so so strange and interesting. Have fun!

    Katie, maybe we need to do a little double-date trip?

  4. do you think you could stand us that long? ;)

  5. haha, I think so, could you??


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