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No offense intended here, folks. I realize you all know how to read a blog or else you would not be here today, on this webpage. But while talking to a friend (and reader) today, I discovered that he didn't know about using a blog reader. And then it hit me. A handful of months ago, I didn't even know about a blog reader - and it's totally transformed how I read blogs, write my own blog, and generally while away time. So let me share this tip with you. Get a blog reader. I use GoogleReader, but that's not the only one out there, just the easiest if you already have a google account, like most of the world.

Here's what mine looks like (ps I learned how to screen shot today!)
The red button is what you click when you want to add a blog. So basically, you would click subscribe and type in if you wanted to subscribe to my blog. Then, whenever I posted a new post, you'd see it either on the main page or you could scroll down your list of subscriptions and click Voyage-On to see what's new. That's it. Not remembering to check in on different websites and being disappointed if there's nothing there. No forgetting to read you friend's and family members' blogs. None of that. You just log into google, iGoogle or GoogleReader, and there you go.

Need some other great blogs to add to your collection, now that you have a fancy-schmancy new blog reader? Here are a few of my favorites:

22 Words - this is just a short and sweet collection of interesting tid-bits.

Design Manifest - I love this interior decorator's style - very fresh, ethnic and bright. She also works on a team with her dad; how cute is that?

Mental Floss - The Grand Master of random knowledge, this one could keep you busy all day.

Young House Love - This adorable couple makes a living writing a blog about DIY house decorating and renovation. Sounds boring; absolutely isn't.

Thx Thx Thx - Leah writes daily thank you notes to someone or something that brightens her day. Charming.

LaLa - Written by a team of Purdue girls, this is a fun (nostalgic) look at college life and fashion, with great photography.

Kendi Everyday and Girl With Curves - Are my two favorite style bloggers, who post pics of their daily outfits.

Hansel & Co. - A fellow Davidson grad highlights what's sohotrightnow.

* Oh, and commenting is the currency of the blog world. Bloggers will love you forever if you post a little note on their pages. *
Now go forth, and read on!


  1. so true! Only my reader is so backed up right now that I find it utterly daunting.

    Thanks so much for the mention and for following along.

  2. I surfed over from GWC. I took your advise and got a blog reader (Pulse) for my iPod Touch. Awesome!

  3. Glad it helped, Selah! Thanks for checking me out. And Naomi - I have the same issue, some day I'll have to wade throught the blogs I don't read and get rid of a few!


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