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Let's be catty for a minute, shall we?

Ok, it's awards season. And although this has nothing to do with my normal selection of topics, and really no intellectual or moral worth, I am going to heartily engage in some catty dress judging.
Care to join?

Let me start off by saying: I am disappointed. Heifers need to pick it up before the Oscars. Most of the dresses were too boring to even mention.

But here are the good ones:

My best dressed for the night. Amazing color, great fit for the curves, perfect. A bit safe yes, but the right dress for her. Octavia, congratulations. Now, stand up straight!
What a dame, what a dame. This is how you dress, ladies.
Amazing. Tilda is super weird, but also super super cool.
Ok, finally one I like that's not in the in the over 40-division. Evan Rachel Wood hits it home in this multifaceted design. Thank you for restoring my faith in the youth of today.
I don't know who Kelly Macdonald is, but i like this dress.
One of my new favorites, Jessica Chastain makes even that 1980s hair look hot.

And the maybes....
Kate Winslet; how I love thee. But this dress does not. Do better by your body, babe.
Emma can do better. But this isn't bad; I like the color.
That's Aibileen? Not bad, but trying a bit too hard with that slit there, I think. And where's the necklace?
This one intrigues me. Gorgeous color on that girl from Glee. Kind of Rorschach-y, but I don't mind it.

And now, the Barf Awards:

Leah Michelle, really? It's like this Halle Berry dress and swamp thing had a love child. Doesn't that pose belong on a corner somewhere?
Is it really appropriate to show your panties at the Golden Globes, Jessica? Save it for Justin.
Come on, now. People should be tripping over themselves to dress Melissa McCarthy. So if they are, this was a bad, bad choice. And if they're not, then there is something very wrong with the world.
I saw a bit of the news coverage and Paula Patton was workin' this dress like it was paying her rent. Hate it.
What is up with barfy yellow dresses?? Stop it!
This one takes the awful cake. Sorry person I don't even know :( You lose.

So that's it. Enough bitchiness to last me for a while... or at least until the Oscars.
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  1. No Claire Danes love? That dress was amazing. The jeweled back! My god! Amber Riley was also bringing it in the curvy girl category. I also loved Michelle Williams.

  2. Meh, I thought she was okay. Michelle bores me. Didn't see Amber, but when she's good, she's GOOOD. Will have to check on it.

  3. I loved Evan Rachel Wood's dress too. That was definitely my favorite. I thought Julie Bowen looked great, though. Especially when compared to what she wore to the Emmys which made her look too thin. And I don't agree about yellow dresses - I thought Maria Menounos looked great in hers.

  4. I liked Julie's dress but not the hair. And while i think yellow can work (cue Cate Blanchett at the Oscars a few years back) I don't like the bananna-y yellow. too much.


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