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Reel in the Holidays!

I may have mentioned before that I love traditions. So naturally, I love Christmas - a time devoted to doing things exactly they way you did them the year before and the year before that.

Of course, my family has traditions for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day - that's a given - but I also have a list of things I love to do during the build up to the holiday. And chief among them is wrapping up on the coach, grabbing a warm drink, and basking in the warm glow of my favorite holiday flicks.

1. A Christmas Story
This 1983 classic is actually set in Indiana, which makes it extra special. Sometimes, I find myself talking about Ralphie and his adventures like memories in my own life. Remember the time we had Chinese on Christmas Day -and the waiters tried to sing Deck the Halls? But they kept saying Fa Ra Ra instead of Fa La La?
Yeah, it's kind of embarrassing when you realize your funniest stories are actually scenes from a movie. Regardless, this Christmas epic is a part of my very being and I will love it faithfully until the day I die.

Important Note: You can now visit the actual house where the movie was filmed!! Road Trip, now!

And look what a fox Ralphie is these days! Shoot!
2. Home Alone

Don't you love that scream? From here.

Maybe I have a thing for movies with cute little blond boys. Or maybe these are just two of the best families in movie history, and I just love visiting with them for a few hours. Either way, Home Alone (and none of the sequels) is a must-see.

3. White Christmas

All I want is a crushed red velvet gown for Christmas.... from here.

I love the clothes. I love the singing and the sexual tension. I skip over the dance numbers ('cause Vera Ellen's legs freak me out). It's a lovely fun movie that you can totally watch while reading your favorite holiday magazine or wrappin' up some gifts.

4. Love Actually
From here.
When this movie came out, I saw it in theatres at least three times. And bawled every time. Hugh Grant rips my heart out. So do Laura Linney and Emma Thompson. And oh man, Colin Firth at his best! I could do without the little chipmunk boy (Liam Nieson's son) but I get his appeal. Overall, an extraordinarily fine romantic comedy. The Boy and I watched it last night. Tears were shed. I'll let you guess whose...

5.  Bridget Jones' Diary 
Lucky girl, from here.
I don't know if this is really a Christmas movie (it didn't make this list) but it ends at Christmas so I think that counts. If you're noticing another trend here, I admit - I believe almost any movie with Colin Firth is a gift in itself and thus more than appropriate for holiday viewing. We watched this one recently too (I promise, I only get away with this amount of romcom viewing on my birthday) and, as usual, I nearly died when Hugh Grant and Colin battled it out pansy-man style in the street.
Comic gold. 

Alright, I realize this is a topic that breeds huge debate. What are your must-see holiday movies??

Come on, don't be shy...

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