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Road Warrior

There's a little bit of the road warrior in me. I love the feel of the accelerator beneath my foot and the thrill of going just slightly too fast on a windy road. It may be genetic - my 87 year old Grandma routinely tells me how much she misses driving since we took her keys away. She used to drive semi's with Grandpa.  But driving on these would probably make both of us pee our pants.

Dades Gorge Road, Morocco
Dades Gorge Road, Morocco

Atlanterhavsveien (Atlantic Ocean Road), Norway
Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

Road of Death, Bolivia
See more of this series here, via Buzzfeed. The one above reminds me of the road up to Macchu Picchu. We came around a bend like the on there, two tour buses head-to-head. And that's when you start to pray.

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