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So hot right now, from here via Pinterest.
I have a serious thing for maps and globes. I don't really care about their utility-factor, except for the rare times I need to remember exactly where Burundi is. Mostly I like the idea of just looking at their lovely colors, reminiscing about favorite countries and pondering just how much the world has changed since the USSR, Rhodesia and Yugoslavia existed.
Though sometimes I want to put on a blindfold and throw a dart at them, just to choose my next trip destination...

Anyways, maps and globs are having a big moment in the design world right now. This I know not because I am any kind of mover or shaker in that world, but simply because I have a lot of free time and spend that time reading design-y blogs which inject useless words like mid-century regency, greige, and bananas (as an exclamation) into my vernacular.

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Artsy-cool, from here via Pinterest.
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Love the wallpaper/map combo, from here via Pinterest.
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My ab-fab, from here, reposted everywhere.
All of these interiors make me desperate to embark on a map/globe hunt throughout every nearby flea market and thrift store (and maybe some unsuspecting people's attics.)

And if I happen to find a not-so-truly vintage map or less-than-perfect globe, I may consider it for one of these reincarnations.
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DIY globe clock, from here.
01 16 Gorgeous Globe Ideas
Use the other half to make a globe bowl, from here.
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Emily Henderson's family of globe-men for the holidays.
British artist TerrorDome makes these sweet, customizable collages of couples - cut out of maps of their childhood homes. awwwwww.....

Pinned Image created this neat map-tray tutorial.

What do you think? Eager to add some maps or globes to your home? Where should I go to find my own ... I wantsssss it!

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