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Crazy Shit People Post on Pinterest: Vol. 1

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Today is not a day to be serious.
Today is a day to make fun of the ridiculous images people post on Pinterest.
If these are your pins, or repins, shame, shame on you.
And yes, most of these are tagged as "Cute," "Love" and "Ridiculous (in a good way)!!!!!"
They just don't get it, do they?
All images c/o - you guessed it - the big P.
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Someone call PETA...
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Wait, wait, keep them on the line....
Also these are Louboutins = they cost a bajillion dollars and will be on every starlet's hoofers in the next two weeks.
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A snuggie for two, or some kind of cruel, alien birth? 
Bacon pancakes... ridiculous, or ridiculously brilliant? You be the judge.
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Candy-covered cake. Have fun at that birthday party, kids. Parents, run, run away!
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Ok, I'm all for working out, but can we just stop all the self-hatred on the Pinterest Fitness page? I mean, geez, it's like Jillian Michaels on a sugar kick ... I mean, a juice fast.
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Let this be a warning to all bridezillas: curse at your photographer one too many times, and here's where she'll have you pose for that last shot...
**Note: I had to limit myself to just one crazy railroad photo shoot pic. There is a shocking amount of ridiculousness happening around railroad tracks, people.

You'll notice I named this post Vol. 1 in anticipation of more posts along this theme.
There's too much crazytown for just one post...

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