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10 Things to Remember about Long Distance Love

I've been in a wonderful relationship for over 1 year now (ok, ok, fifteen months last Sunday), and I think we'd both agree that our only real complaint is the distance (physically) between us.
138 miles to be exact.
This might sound like a haul, but since the beginning, we've been good about seeing each other almost every weekend, which makes us pretty lucky in the LDR (long distance relationship) department.
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So from my experience, here's a little list of things I've learned about LDRs:

10. Everyone is boring on the phone. This is not a reflection of your relationship (or your personality.) Try doing different things during your talks. We've been playing Scrabble. And in case you're wondering,
 I beat his ass. Owned.

9. Emotions, sarcasm and humor don't always translate to the phone/skype. Be direct about what you're saying/thinking/feeling... or things may get uggggly. Virtual fights are the worst because you can't kiss and make up when you're done. Sometimes they can't be avoided, but when possible, save the heavy discussions for in person. And just so you know, guys, flower deliveries = a great way to say "sorry."

8. Don't set crazy expectations for your time together. It may be short, but don't try to plan every detail or get too ambitious with your plans. I have a hard time with this--I get so excited that I end up panicked about making sure we have a perfect weekend. Just enjoy the fact that you're together and let go of the rest.
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7. The little things count more than anything. Getting something in the mail, the midday text, or even a call at not "the usual time" reminds your partner that you're thinking about them - even when you're apart.

6. Skype is a godsend for couples (and family and friends) separated by distance. Bask in the joy of seeing each other's face for a change and upgrade to the high-speed internet!

5. When you look back at this time years down the road, you (and your grand kids) will marvel at how incredibly romantic it was that you drove/flew/swam all that way to see your love for just one weekend. Basically, you're romantic heroes. Enjoy that.

4. Anticipation. The Boy sings this song called "Anticipation" every time we talk about looking forward to the weekends (note: I'm not sure I believe that it's a real song and not something he just made up.) All I know is my week goes like this. Sunday: He leaves. Monday: I'm depressed and sad. Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday: I'm eagerly anticipating a fabulous weekend with my man.  And on top of that, we also get to look forward to the day when we finally live in the same zip code-and can stop making that GD drive every week!

3. Put things in perspective. So what if skype-ing or traveling back and forth gets in the way of doing the dishes, learning Chinese, and saving for your 501k? Seeing that face (virtually or in person) and preserving your relationship is way more important in the long run.

2. Value your independence. Don't see your better half most of the week/month/year? That's an opportunity to strengthen relationships with friends and families, try a new hobby (trivia team anyone?), and enjoy some quiet alone time. Pining is never sexy.

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1. Nothing, nothing compares to stepping out of the car/train/rain and into your beloved's arms. It is without a doubt the most exhilarating and comforting feeling in the world.
Savor those moments.

Anyone else out there in a LDR? Or even a just an R? Share your tips - Lord knows, we all need them!


  1. I think the 'anticipation' song may have been a jingle a long time ago.

  2. Yes, there is a song called Anticipation by Carly Simon. Mandy Moore even did a cover of it. Now I need to request a concert when I finally meet "the boy."

  3. haha, thank you. i will have him practice so he can present to you... :)


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