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An Oasis in a Bed Cover

I'm redecorating my apartment. Actually, that is misleading. I'm decorating it for the first time, no "re" about it. My roommate moved out a few weeks ago taking all the furniture I have lived with (and loved) for the past year. So now it's my turn to put on my big girl pants and try to create the apartment I imagined back when I promised myself that if I could just make it through one more night with the outrageously loud roommate, or the dangerously lofted dorm bed, or the overly-excited-that-you're-living-at-home-again parents, I'd one day have an apartment all to myself. Albeit, that apartment looked like something out of "Sex and the City" and not my little Hoosier dream house, but I'm happy.

All my favorite things in my apartment remind me of somewhere else, for example:

My Bedding

I LOVE my bedding so much. It's from Bed, Bath and Beyond (as is the image - no, I do not make my bed that well). It reminds me of the gates of an Indian castle at sunset on a cool summer evening but there are no feral dogs or dust, just mirrored silk slippers and the rustle of saris.
Stuck in Customs via Pinterest

I also went a little crazy and got the matching shower curtain. It's not exactly the same - more greens and blues and no red- but it's the same cool arched paisley from the duvet cover. Add some blue towels, a little shaggy rug and we're getting into serious hotel-bathroom territory here (i.e. luxury).

My Shower Curtain

I'll be back with more updates on what I have done and hope to do in my apartment. I'm excited to make a little international oasis, full of memories of my favorite places!

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