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Let's Go: Baku

Do you guys read GOOP? It's Gwyneth Palrow's "lifestyle" newsletter. It's kind of ridiculous, but what the heck - I like getting messages in by inbox that are, to some extent, sent to me by a movie star. A lot of the recommendations are insane - recipes that take 5 hours and a team of trained personal chefs to complete, $150 t-shirts that are just perfect, etc. etc. - it's definitely a glimpse into a world totally unknown to me.

Today's edition offered websites that Gwyneth and her minions recommend we read. One led me to this article about traveling to Azerbaijin. So question of they day: is Baku, Azerbaijin a potential honeymoon destination? Let's discuss.
Baku, Azerbaijan
Baku, here
A little background on Baku: the city's wealth and prominence was founded in the era of the Silk Road, when Baku was a central hub between Europe and East Asia. Baku's wealth continued to grow in the modern era as a major center of oil processing.

Hotels in this modern city are luxurious - and familiar. Big brands like Marriott and Hyatt have new locations in Baku - score one: I can use my Marriott points!

Stunning lobby at the JW Marriott Hotel Absheron Baku in Azerbaijan - #FSAgiveaway
Marriott Baku
Score two: Historical Sights
Baku, Azerbaijan
Maiden Tower, Baku

Completed in the 12th century, the Maiden Tower is one of the most notable attractions in Baku's Old Town - an area complete with winding alleys, minarets and markets. Sounds like my kind of destination.
Baku, Azerbaijan!
In striking contrast to the medieval sights of Old Town are the European-styled promenades of the newer neighborhoods, constructed by the Soviets. Doesn't this almost look like a shot from Paris? Score three. There's also a major focus on modern architecture in the city - clearly, lots to see.

Finally, there are plenty of attractions outside the city of Baku - beaches on the Caspian Sea, petroglyphs in Gobustan National Park, and beautiful mountain vistas.

Beautiful Land

So what do you think? Would you go to Baku for a honeymoon - or anytime? You know me, I'm game!!

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