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Bucket List

We spent this weekend in NYC to celebrate my mom's 60th bday (oh, and my 26th). Sure, I got to go along, but the real impetus was for mom to check a dream off her bucket list to commemorate this big bday.

What did we check off, you ask?

Her dream, the one thing in all the world she wanted to do to celebrate her birthday? See the ROCKETTES.

Hey, we all have our things, right? That was my general attitude leading up to the trip. But after seeing them - these beautiful, dancing dolls - my one conclusion: WOW.

The rockettes are amazing, y'all - and not just in a retro "wow, look at that" way. No. I have seen ballerinas. I have seen modern dance troupes. Jeez, I've even been in STEP dance troupe. And never have I seen such precision, such total control and exactness in dance. It was artistry. Sure, it was dolled up with some cheesy fun - Santa was involved, as well as 3D glasses. But nothing could overshadow that amazing dancing.
This was pretty surreal...
Except maybe the look on my mom's face as she clapped and cheered each impressive scene. Watching someone check one off the bucket-list? Also pretty fabulous.

Other general observations about NYC:

  • The YOTEL is a trip - mini cabin rooms, everything automated - from the bed to the check-in and the robotic luggage storage center... in all honesty, probably way to hip for us (we were turned away from the "club" area and we giggled at the all-to-hip elevator tunes - but it was a definite experience. For uber stark luxury, try the Andaz New York, where the 'rents stayed. Also an experience.
  • Thanks to HB's recommendation, we hit the Christmas Market at Union Square. Awesome - best shopping I've done in NYC so far.
  • I need to spend a week in the MET - too much art, too little time. The musical instrument display was particularly neat, as was pretending to be Harry and Sally in the Egyptian temple room.

  • Fifth Avenue in December is disgusting. The mass of humanity,coupled with the live, semi-naked models in Hollister and the general stench of overcooked Middle Eastern street-food = time for me to find a quiet bar and a tall drink.
  • Seeing old friends is the best thing, especially around Christmas.
  • NYC is a great place to visit, but I sure as heck couldn't live there....:)

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  1. I loved the Rockettes when I saw them too (a few years ago)! It was so much fun. It was definitely cheesy...but good dancing and it got me excited about Christmas.


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