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Fashion Moment

I don't post that often about high fashion, because - let's be honest here- the Gap sale rack is about as far as I go in the fashion world. But this was just too too beautiful not to share. 

As I may have mentioned a thousand times or so, I love India and one of the things I love most is the beautiful art the country produces. Textile-making is one of the oldest and most world-renowned of the Indian arts and designers and stylists in India are constantly searching for ways to utilize this traditional artistry in modern fashion. This video, produced by Vogue India, shows that when top design houses collaborate with Indian textile artists, the results are AMAZING.

While there are a lot of issues with this type of promotion - the incredible contrast between high-fashion and the lifestyles of the villagers in the video, the gross income disparity between the textile producers and the high-fashion designers, etc. etc. - I think the goal is a good one. Utilizing traditional art forms in contemporary fashion is one powerful way to preserve these traditions AND give opportunities to the artisans who make these products. It's exactly the same goal as fair trade workshops and cooperatives - using traditional skills to make new products that will attract consumers and keep artisans employed. So while there may be some serious issues inherent in the production of this video and these clothes, I think the effort of integrating high fashion and traditional crafts is a great step forward. Let's just hope it's not a passing trend.

And back to the fluffy: I would wear just about any garment in this video. Those shoes? I die. And I think I spotted my dream wedding dress, too -in case anyone can track it down on sale for me!  I'm also loving that they used Indian models - too often, I saw white girls all over the pages of Indian fashion mags.  So, overall, bravo Vogue India! Keep it coming.

Thanks to The Jade Bangle for the link!

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