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Westie Walk

No one can ever accuse our family of being boring. Case in point: this weekend, my mom and I (avowed cat-owners, mind you) attended the annual Westie Walk in Indianapolis. Yes, it's a event for families with Westhighland Terriers who gather to support Westie rescue. And it's a whole lotta freakin' cute.

Mom's friend Lois has two adorable Westies that we got to walk through the festivities.

There were a lot of amazing dog clothes to admire. Kilts with pearls...

Sports jerseys ...

Festive sweaters...

 And of course, plaid!

The owners got in on the fashion action too...

 Just look at all those Westies! Cuteness overload!

And of course the day ended with a bagpipe led parade...

Did you have an exciting weekend? Spill the beans!

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